Who We Are:

Liberty and Access for All (L+A) is new nonpartisan/ transpartisan  nonprofit in Washington DC that is dedicated to training, mentoring  and developing  the  next generation of leaders from the traditionally underrepresented and communities of color.  Participants in our program may run for office, advocate on behalf of the communities, change the dialogue around issues they care about and make positive lasting impact in their own communities. 

Our Board of Directors are comprised of republicans and democrats who are committed to working together to empower , teach and connect participants in our program to leadership in  Washington DC . Together we believe that people from every political party, every demographic, should have a place at the table!


Our goal is to increase the number of trained diverse leaders in America and the number of community service projects around the country.   We support our program participants by providing low-cost or free educational resources including training programs, mentorships and work internships.  Through alliances and partnerships, we leverage our contacts to connect, empower and mentor our program participants while promoting a diverse workforce.   We inspire to become a leading incubator to help individuals run for public office; advocate on behalf of their communities or constituents; and return to their communities with skill sets that affect real and positive change.



At Liberty and Access for All we believe in an America in which every person – regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, physical disability sexual orientation, or gender identity has a place at the leadership table. Our programs and training allow our participants to break through institutional barriers and gain access to centers of influence.  Students will utilize their new skills, knowledge and tools to become leaders in their communities. Our participants will have the skills necessary to create a truly representative and innovative government and civil society that can respond effectively to the needs of All Americans.   


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